Agricultural Innovation

Agricultural Innovation

Mobile Auto Starters – 3 Phase

Three Phase Auto Switch Mobile Starter For Agriculture and Industrial Use

Micro Controller Base Mobile Starter with Overload Dryrun protection, with Automatic pump current/protection setting.


Usage/ApplicationAgriculture and Industrial
Starter TypeAuto Switch Mobile Starter
PowerCurrent Range=2-40amp/phase
PhaseThree Phase
Technical Specifications

Micro level Irrigation System for Water Management

We are the First Indian Company with dedicated product for Smart Micro Level Water Management.

  • Suitable for smallest home garden to hectors of large farm fields
  • Number of Uniquely designed and battery operated solenoid valves can be operated individually for efficient water management
  • In-built total hour meter to calculate total flow, water usage and data can be analysed further for smart management
  • Battery Operated working facility for master panel at field in case of power failure –the solar charging may be integrated
  • Manual override function in case ff emergency to ON-OFF Solenoid
  • RTC + cyclic timer can be set for irrigation as per field requirement
  • No wiring for solenoid valves for small area application like residential area, terrace garden
  • SMART Crop Demand watering can be programmed
  • Suitable for Hydroponic / Vertical Farming