Next-Gen Smart Devices

Next-Gen Smart Devices

Smart EV Charger

Universal Smart EV Charger

Universal Smart EV charger is compatible with all leading brands of Electric vehicles in manufactured in India. It is an IoT device that is connected with the help of the QR code on the top panel. The Smart Panel Display shows present grid voltage/ consumed current/wattage / remaining time/ deducted payment.


  • Touch Screen TFT Display
  • High V / Low V / Overload Protections, 230V Auto disconnect with audio visual warning
  • Earth Leakage-Shock proof trip facility.
  • Wifi/ GSM /GPRS connectivity. Unique Android based mobile app/web for live monitoring & control.
  • Unit Theft Security.
  • Remote on time fault detection & correction.
  • Specially designed user friendly mobile app/ web
  • IP 65 Cabinet for dust & water proof protection
  • Auto payment deduction ONLINE option available using payment gateway.
  • Installed charging points on google map for easy identification.
  • Facility to send SMS with tentative consumed KWHr after charging cycle complete
  • Unit working strength for 24 hours x 365 days.
  • Easy to install on Wall or Pole

Smart Fuse – AC & DC Applications

Smart Fuse

Smart fuse is an innovative technology that helps your service team easily locate blown fuses in your machinery. This enables your engineers to reduce the complicated process of following a trial and error path to find & replace the fuse.

When installed in your circuit this smart fuse will indicate its failure with a glowing LED light. This ensures that not only your machinery is saved from fatal damage but it also tells you which fuse needs replacement.

This has proven to significantly reduce downtimes for extremely complicated electrical and mechanical Industries.

This Smart LED fuse is compatible with both AC as well as DC power systems.

Smart Smoke Detector

Smart Smoke Detector’s transmitter can send alarm, tamper, and battery condition messages to the system’s receiver. Smoothing algorithms minimize nuisance alarms by smoothing out short term spikes from dust and smoke – virtually eliminating nuisance alarms.

Since there are no holes to drill or wires to run, you can preserve the beauty of the building while protecting it. The QSD-SH is an ideal smoke detector for those difficult to wire locations, applications where room aesthetics are critical, or where hazardous materials exist.

  • Utilizes one long-life 3V lithium battery
  • A built-in wireless transmitter, temporal code 3 sounder
  • Maintenance signal fully complies with the sensitivity test requirement specified and is approved by UL
  • Smoothing Algorithms 
  • Smart Check 
  • Removable Detector Cover and Chamber Top 
  • Approved UL Listings for Residential and Commercial Applications 
  • Easy-to-install Mounting Base