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Rooftop Solar Solutions

Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Residential – Solar rooftop for home installation is affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper way forward. Installing a solar power KW system will instantly add to the value of your residential property.

Commercial & Industrial – Solar rooftop systems will provide a good return on investment by utilizing idle roof space. Waaree provides customized solution for your solar solution need and help to implement sustainable solar power solutions for your commercial and industrial establishment.

Institutional – Solar rooftop systems for institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, Research organizations, Non-profit organizations helps to meet their energy needs.

Solar Power Products

PV Modules

  • Higher power output & lower BOS cost
  • Anodized aluminium alloy: Robust protection
  • Reserved mounting holes: Easy installation
  • Optimised cable length: Simplified wire fix
  • Reduced energy loss in cable
  • Superior Module Efficiency as per International Benchmarks
  • Glass with anti-reflective coating improve light transmission
  • Salt mist, Ammonia and Hail Resistant
  • PID Resistant with long term reliability
  • Sustain Heavy Wind & Snow loads (2400 Pa & 5400 Pa)
  • Minimised micro-cracks
  • IP68 / Weatherproof PPO
  • Better heat dissipation, higher safety

Solar Invertors

  • Power Saving feature to bypass charging from grid to save on electricity bills
  • Real time divides the day in 4 time slots for optimum solar power utilization
  • PWM/MPPT built-in Solar Charge controllers
  • Solar Power is an optional feature, so it can be used as a conventional Inverter
  • Smart Overload, Short circuit sensing and protection circuits with auto retry
  • Provision for setting critical parameters
  • Independent of grid,Grid is not mandatory
  • Instant Changeover to support computers, servers & sensitive loads

Solar Batteries


  • High built quality ensures longer battery life
  • Superior Life Cycle ensures longer battery service life
  • Ultra Low Maintenance
  • Topping up frequency intially 8 -10 months